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In Davidson County, North Carolina, a small group of local folk had gathered on a perfect evening in 2009, around a campfire, and some very interesting phenomena presented itself after being asked, "If anyone in spirit were present?".

Of course within the groups campfire circle, including a few friends, Robert, Debbie, and Phil & Silvia whom were present to help with bringing about focused energy, allowing what is called the Ethers to present itself. Seems something had taken place, for they captured several photographs of phenomena's that evening.

(1) See below - Convincing Factoid Video

Images Taken at the Campfire

Notice the string ectoplasm top left of photograph

Phil to the left, notice the surrounding string ectoplasm, mist, and orb formation

Robert, Sylvia & Phil, notice the surrounding anomalies

Robert, notice the surrounding string ectoplasm, mist, and orb formation

Robert, Sylvia & Phil, notice the surrounding string ectoplasm, mist, and orb formation

Robert, Sylvia & Phil. notice the surrounding anomalies

String ectoplasm mist and orb formations

Very unusual orb formation, notice the blue light emulating from the fire

String ectoplasm and ectoplasm mist

Notice the string ectoplasm and ectoplasm mist in tree, can you see the lady?

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The "Ghost Hunters Realm" was given explicit permission, allowing the posting of the above photographic single images taken by the "Davidson County Pagan Society", upon the "Ghost Forum". Please contact the "Davidson County Pagan Society" located in Lexington, North Carolina for any requests for permission for the use of these images. Otherwise, copy by any electronic means to for use, is strictly forbidden, without permission to do so. Photographic Images; Copyright © 2009 - Davidson County Pagan Society - All Right Reserved.

    Convincing Factoid Video (1)

  • Healing is the best feeling in the world
    Phil & Silvia are accomplished individuals in the art of collecting either energies within a given surrounding environment, and have been invited to be present with several local groups. As both being healers and Reiki Masters, and Phil taking the lead as a Shaman. The dynamically marvelously gifted dual, have helped many whom maybe in spiritual need of help or assistance at any time, anywhere in the world. As a group, previously the "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations" have been very fortunate to have Phil & Silvia as guests at our group meetings, or occasional helpful visits upon past team investigative events. They continue take part by occasionally being present at "GHRPI" group meetings, in hopes that our events may lead to opportunities to help folks whom maybe in need of healing or spiritual assistance.

The Analysis

Phil originally requested the "GHRPI" to analyze the photographs further, and passing on the groups permission to allow the eventual posting upon this forum. At which time the following questions were asked of him about the evening the event had taken place.

Fact Finding Questions

  1. What was the location of the gathering?
    Answer: At a undisclosed residence
  2. What was the outside temperature?
    Answer: Unknown exactly, but mild not cold?
  3. What time were the photographs taken?
    Answer: Just after Dark, really do not know the exact time.
  4. Upon the evening, what kind of meeting had taken place?
    Answer: Friends gathering about a campfire.
  5. Where anyone concentrating upon any apparition or anomalies to make a presence or take place?
    Answer: Yes, questions were asked, and the visuals were made apparent after the event, via digital camera.
  6. Who were the individuals taking the lead upon bring forth paranormal activity?
    Answer: Mostly Phil and with the help from Sylvia
  7. Was the photographer smoking?
    Answer: No
  8. Had there been any wind or breeze at the camp fire site at the time.
    Answer: Yes
  9. What direction of the breeze?
    Answer: Unknown ... smokers - smoke was blowing away out of flash range to allow captured upon photos.
  10. Did anyone witness any flying debris, such as leaves, etc.?
    Answer: No
  11. Did anyone visually witness the anomalies captured in photographs?
    Answer: No
  12. Were anyone using any type of meditation, or spiritual incantations of sorts?
    Answer: None given - Unknown


All the photographs were previously analyzed by a world renown paranormal investigative professional photographer in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., for which the identity of who, was not permitted to be disclosed here within this post, and found to be authentic, especially the captured anomalies were reported as just stunning, by the source.


The string ectoplasm certainly had been a fantastic find, and yet the last photograph posted, if you look closely you may find an apparent apparition of a female within one of the trees.

Although string ectoplasm can be challenging to capture, smoke from a cigarette or campfire may emulate this anomaly, it is so important to ask questions surrounding any doubt related.

After further analysis, It appears the eventful ectoplasm was not the result of either smokers or campfire in photos.


Nearly all orbs maybe caused by dust, water - fog - rain - snow - sleet, flying bug's and animals, etc.

Can the photos be dismissed as Smoke?

Smoke, or Smoking could not be a source of a debunked call upon the finding of string ectoplasm, or mist ectoplasm formation upon the photographs. Since the reported individual taking the photos were neither smoking, nor was the wind if any blowing the campfire smoke, or any smoke within the cameras flash range.

It was clearly evident some breeze was present by the campfires apparent movement in the photos, and very well could be the reason orbs appeared due to dust or pollen particles moving about Robert, Phil, and Sylvia.

However, it is doubtful under the conditions observed, that the manifestations captured of string ectoplasm, ectoplasm mist, and the female apparition in the tree photograph, could have been the result of smoke from either cigarettes or campfire smoke.

Nevertheless, the photographs do appear to be genuinely valid to say the lease without any signs of tampering via digitally modified in anyway, and I would say ... "indeed, there had been many anomalies present at this campfire gathering ... on this relatively calm evening that led from photographs taken of friends. To the eventual excitement of finding paranormal activity upon viewing the outcome".

What do you thing, feel, or see, I am interested in any comments ...

  • In Remembrance of our friend Robert - His short time upon earth (1958 - 2010)

    Who pasted over to a new life now in God's hands on September 3rd, 2010, as Founder, I knew Robert as a natural minister of faith. A God fearing man, he spent many hours researching and delivering God's word to all people of the earth.

    His last words spoken, "I see God!"

More to come within this post in the future ...
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Postby Linda » September 15th, 2010, 10:11 pm

It is still striking to me, in viewing these photographs, that the tendrils of ectoplasm are still obviously NOT cigarette smoke, although one of the principle people in the photos (Phil) is smoking. The mist-like tendrils are too far away from the cigarette (and the people in the photos), do not have the appearance of cigarette smoke (which I have seen photographed), and do not quickly dissipate like smoke does, especially in warmer weather.

An amazing group of photos.
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