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    In Memory of William Gemperline April 15, 1950 - December 20, 2005

    One of the best musicians who ever emerged out of the Portsmouth, Ohio area, and I am proud to say he was and continues to be my friend. Bill, after a three year battle with cancer passed over to the other side December 20th, 2005, leaving a legacy behind him of find music and multitude of wonderful devoted friends. He managed to create his own "genre" of personal interpretation of current music, and all who came out to witness this genius, felt his soul hearted sound created, to later be reviled as one of the most creative music legends from the Southern Ohio Area. Everyone who knew him, and his music will never forget him ... will sadly miss him today. Proudly, I can truly say, "I knew Bill, and in real life ... he was my friend". - The Founder

    The Video

    A local High School student’s endeavor to capture evidence to support his study of ghost activity for his class graduation assignment, uncovers more than just white noise. During the session using a “Franks Box”, commonly known as a “Ghost Box”, several questions were asked, one coming from the Founder, as noted in the video. The answer captured was no doubt, Bill Gemperline’s voice responding, for which supports not only the current beliefs of “Life After Death” is not only plausible, but possibly real. Listen to the recording, and you decide.

    Disclaimer: Anyone feels we are in copyright infringement for helping a student better his or hers life by use of sound, photos, or video, please accept our apologies, contact the group and the offending students art will be removed. Thank you for your understanding, and remember, we all once were student's, dreamers of futures yet to come, yes.

    Photographs and video remains under Copyright © Ghost Hunters Realm - All Rights Reserved
    Photograph of Bill Gemperline Copyright © Flint Rock Band, Portsmouth, Ohio
    Unstoppable Sound Remixed - By the very best movie soundtrack musicians in the world,
    Artist E.S. Posthumus, Copyright © E.S. Posthumus
"Mind over Matter...Only if Matter will Mind..." - Founder Ghost Hunters Realm
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