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The "Ghost Hunters Realm" celebrated its first year back open to the public once more on August of 2008. Our paranormal investigative team has accomplished much over the course of the past few years, and continues on a steady path of growth.


Humans by nature have a need to be accepted, wanted, and have a feeling of importance about themselves, and what one may have to contribute to any meeting, group, or organization. Often this may not be the case, as for many groups there seems to be a loathing lack of attention to the most important base of a group, and which the folks who do take the time to come out to be an essential part of a meeting with like-minded individuals.

At the "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations", everyone is important, accepted, and not only take part, but are part of our meetings and events. Like to be part of a like-minded group, no need to join, just come on out to one of our meetings. Find out for yourself first hand rather you want to be part of the most exciting paranormal group in the central North Carolina area!

Want to be one of the Team?

Our present "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations" team continues to explore exciting locations for paranormal research, and bringing back the peace of mine to all individuals who needed our help in solving cases surrounding the paranormal. Presently we are looking to expand our main team base, and if you are an exceptional, dedicated, and believe you to be a dependable individual, who desires to learn and explore paranormal activities, please "Contact Us".

If you are an individual who seems lost, confused, left out, nowhere to turn, or feel like you are unable to express your feelings at a present group? Then join us at the next meeting, you may just find a home with the "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations".


I challenge anyone to join us at the next group meeting, and experience the feeling once more of being important, interact openly with other like-minded individuals, and above all have the freedom of feeling right at home for a change.

Best of all, we will always respect and honor a members commitments to family first above paranormal explorations. At the "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations" you will find it is not an obsession, or way of life, and yes we venture haunted locations, have meetings, and realize foremost the importance of family within our lives. Simply said, your wife, husband, children must come first, and we encourage this at the "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations".
"Mind over Matter...Only if Matter will Mind..." - Founder Ghost Hunters Realm
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