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Are you Experiencing any of the following?

  • Unusual feelings of being watched?
  • Missing objects, and then reappearing?
  • Unusual sounds, seen strange lights, moving shadows or objects?
  • Unusual feelings of being touched during the daylight or nighttime?
  • Unexplainable events happening during the night or daylight hours?
  • Unexplainable events at a specific time of day, month, or year?
  • Mysterious scratches forming upon you or a family member?
  • Unusual foul smells, or the odor of sulfur?
  • Home has been recently blessed, or had a clearing, and presently experiencing problems?

Experiencing any of the above?  Use the contact form below, give us a little information about what you maybe experiencing, and the "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations" will be contacting you via email.  Or you may contact the "Ghost Hunters Realm" for any other inquires that you may have here.


Over 140 years combined experience with the paranormal, our team is ready to handle any paranormal activity surrounding, or experiencing about your home, business, or property


Disclosure Policy: All findings; data collected, and personal information are considered confidential by the "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations" and will not be released to the public without your written consent to do so.  However, case data maybe used for group study by the "Ghost Hunters Realm - Paranormal Investigations".

Ghost Hunters Realm

Lexington , North Carolina E-Mail: ghosts@ghosthuntersrealm.com

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